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Miro is an artist and has been painting since she was 18 years old. Her paintings incorporate the yogic themes of Peace, Harmony, Love and Union.

Her study of the performing arts and modern dance and her life's work of painting lead her to Yoga. When she met Yoga she felt as if she had arrived home and soon became absorbed in her practice and studies.

Miro has attended Yoga workshops in Tokyo and Bali and completed her teacher training in Bali with Ki McGraw and Bob Smith. She is registered with Yoga Aliance.

Miro greatly enjoys sharing Yoga time with all who want to stretch their bodies and minds. She is currently teaching at the Hilton Hotel Wed. & Fri. 8:00~9:20 am and at the Plaza de Espana (Azotea) in Hagatna Thurs. 10~11:15 am. Check the Schedule for other venues.

Miro in the forest absorbing prana.

Miro's painting entitled Lotus World.

Click to view more of Miro's paintings.

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